Really Me

December 2015

Season 2, Episode 9 (Get 'em To The Geek)

3.0 109 x
It's Clarke's birthday and Maddy is determined to get her brother the best present ever: the eShoe. When Maddy's pre-order ticket is stolen, Maddy, Julia and DJ are forced to camp out overnight in the longest line-up ever.

Season 2, Episode 13 (Extreme Sixteen)

3.0 133 x
Maddy's turning 16 and VTV wants to do a crossover episode between Really Me and their new series, Extreme Sixteen. Maddy is hesitant until Extreme Sixteen's deceptively friendly producer, Gwinnifer, convinces her.

Season 2, Episode 12 (Oh Brody Where Are Thou?)

3.0 69 x
Maddy and Julia host a dating show to find their nemesis a new guy. Unfortunately, the mystery hunk they hook Tiara up with turns out to be Brody and it's not long before Tiara starts to ruin both Maddy and Brody's lives!

Season 2, Episode 11 (Cuffed Up)

3.0 126 x
Maddy and Brody are bickering so badly that even Julia is at a loss, and Dad is forced to intervene. Dividing the house in two. Will the squabbling siblings be able to resolve their differences?

Season 2, Episode 10 (Scary Poppins)

1.5 104 x
Determined to prove that she's responsible, Maddy is roped into babysitting Clarke on the night of her and Julia's Halloween party. To make matters worse, Dad adds his friend's two crazy kids, Duncan and Smash.

Season 2, Episode 8 (Clap Of Thunder)

3.0 132 x
Julia has a major crush on Geoff, the star of the school play, and hopes to win the role of his leading lady. But Maddy unwittingly gets herself casted instead!

Season 2, Episode 7 (Ufo-ney)

3.0 163 x
With a Maddy - Brody prank war in full effect, Maddy and Julia pull the ultimate practical joke on Brody, convincing him that he's had an alien encounter. But things quickly spiral out of control.

Season 2, Episode 6 (Sauce Boss)

3.0 194 x
Maddy lands her first real job when Julia dares her to talk to a cute guy at the Beach Shack, but the Shack shuts down! Will Maddy and Julia be able to save the Shack and in time for Maddy to reignite with her hottie?

Season 2, Episode 5 (Residence Evil)

3.0 125 x
Maddy's new manager arranges for a new zombie film to be shot at the Cooper house. Unfortunately, the girls' schemes to get Maddy back into the limelight only manages to get them kicked off the set and out of Maddy's house!

Season 2, Episode 4 (Truth Or Dare)

3.0 244 x
Maddy has trouble promoting a new energy drink that is sponsoring Really Me, Brody insists it is because she is a terrible liar. Refusing to admit it, Maddy agrees to Brody's bet - she must lie for 24 hours.