Regular Old Bogan

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Season 1
The Stubbs go camping. When Mary is kidnapped by wild dingoes, she confronts a 40 year old Azaria Chamberlain -- Queen Of The Dingoes. Toby finds himself in a sticky situation.
The government starts drug testing welfare recipients. Mary starts a lucrative business selling her clean urine to the junkies under the guise of a lemonade stand & reaches Heisenberg-level infamy
After being cut off in traffic by cyclists, Gav provokes war with a dangerous gang of Middle Aged Men In Lycra. Meanwhile, Wendy tries meth to get more done around the house.
The Stubbs take a holiday in Bali. When Mary is tourist trapped at the famous Schapelle Corby Museum, the family must stage a prison break and rescue her from death row.
When Gav’s “Man Flu” takes a grave turn, and all men in the world are also hospitalised - he must uncover the mastermind behind the deadly contagion before it’s too late.
After a fishing trip goes awry, Gav and Toby find themselves stranded in the Australian outback and have no option but to accept a lift from a tourist-hating, pig-shooting, foul-mouthed local.