Reno Rumble


Whole House Reveal and Elimination

3.0 19 x
Tonight another fully renovated home is delivered and our deserving home owners are thrilled with the efforts of the Reno Rumble contestants. The judges are very impressed with the rooms this week and the scores are close.

Episode 2

3.0 10 x
Tonight, each couple has two rooms to deliver and they soon realise that design decisions need to be made quickly. The all important budget becomes a problem for the red team, when one couple spends up big on tiles.
Episodes 2015

Season 1 Episode 27

3.0 513 x
Tonight the moment the Redbacks and the Blue Tongues have been waiting for. After six weeks the winner of Reno Rumble is announced. The lucky team takes home $50,000 and a brand new Mazda CX5 and hands over $50,000 to their nominated charity.

Season 1 Episode 26

3.0 211 x
Finale nerves set in as the Blue Tongues change their living room plans to make it perfect and the Redbacks 11th hour decision to change exterior paint colours could bring them undone.

Season 1 Episode 25

3.0 228 x
The final Reno Rumble is in full swing and the couples are cranky with each other with two entire houses due to be completed in just two days. One team is so far over budget that they're at risk of being disqualified.

Season 1 Episode 24

3.0 237 x
The Reno Rumble final challenge is here and it's massive. This week the Red Backs and Blue Tongues are renovating identical side by side houses, and in a Reno Rumble first, will makeover front and back gardens.

Season 1 Episode 23

3.0 216 x
A disastrous phone call stops one team in their tracks as the clock ticks down to the first room reveals in Grand final week. The judges are blown away by the results as Scotty reveals the scores and a game changing twist.

Season 1 Episode 22

4.0 390 x
The two remaining teams must bring something special to the Grand Final week. One contestant orders fifteen skylights for their home, in an attempt to have the upper hand with the judges.

Season 1 Episode 21

3.0 608 x
Tensions are high as the Red Backs and Blue Tongues race to finish their houses. With extensions on both homes, this Reno Rumble has been the biggest so far. Tonight it's a double elimination so every point from the judges counts.

Season 1 Episode 19

3.0 226 x
The seventy-two hour challenge begins. Josh and Jenna aren't seeing eye to eye on measurements, and one team struggles so much with the budget that they are forced to re-think the furniture for their rooms.