Rick Stein's Food Stories

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Rick Stein's Food Stories

In Northern Ireland, Rick has Filipino-style Sunday lunch, and meets a 'no waste' chef turning an unpopular fish into a stunning dish. At home, he cooks beef and Guinness pie.

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Season 1
Rick meets inventor James Dyson on his futuristic Lincolnshire farm, where robots help grow strawberries all year round. With some superb local sausages, he makes bangers and mash.
In Argyll, Rick meets a Michelin Green Star winning chef who cooks local and foraged ingredients. He catches langoustine with teacher-turned fisherwoman.
In the Lake District, Rick shares mutton hot pot with farmer James Rebanks. He meets an intrepid shrimp fisherman and is joined by his son Jack to cook his Mum's shepherd's pie.