Rizzoli & Isles

April 2017

Episode 13 (Ocean-Frank)

3.0 168 x
A dead man is found handcuffed to a bed in his own home; as the party approaches, everyone makes a video to say goodbye; the group says farewell and plans for the next adventure.

Ep 12 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

4.0 108 x
Jane and Maura work to solve two murders that have deep personal connections for Korsak; Jane gets a surprise visit; Maura receives upsetting feedback on her novel.
March 2017

Ep 11 Stiffed

4.0 53 x
A mortician's body is found in one of his own funeral home's caskets; Tommy visits with his son TJ; Jane's loved ones react to her news.

Ep 10 For Richer of Poorer

3.0 65 x
When a forensic accountant is gunned down, Jane and Maura are drawn into a sophisticated Ponzi scheme; Jane makes a life-changing career decision.

Ep 9 65 Hours

3.0 60 x
On the morning that Jane is supposed to testify in a murder trial, she discovers that a key piece of evidence has been stolen; Frankie decides to learn some magic tricks to impress Nina.

Ep 8 2M7258 - 100

3.0 76 x
Jane goes undercover in a county jail to draw out a killer who committed a brutal murder.
February 2017

Ep 7 Dead Weight

4.0 80 x
When a bicyclist appears to spontaneously combust, Maura proves his death is actually a murder; Jane is invited to teach a class of FBI recruits at Quantico.

Ep 6 There Be Ghosts

3.0 42 x
Jane and Maura must unravel an old ghost story to solve a double murder at a hospital; Angela convinces Frankie to stop avoiding Kent.

Ep 5 Shadow of Doubt

4.0 68 x
A wealthy woman is found dead at the bottom of her stairs; Maura decides to undergo minor surgery; Maura reconnects with Hope.

Ep 4 Post Mortem

3.0 85 x
When a mailman is killed, the team must work with an eccentric Postal Inspector; Maura continues to struggle with the ramifications of her injury; Korsak gets Kiki a terrible birthday present.