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Rob Riggle: Global Investigator

Experts and archeologists have tried to pinpoint the lost city of Atlantis, but all have failed. Now Rob Riggle is on the case, and Atlantis has nowhere left to hide.

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Season 1
Rob must find out what happened to Rome's 9th Legion. He meets with military historians as he searches through muddy bogs and learns about Roman ghosts.
Rob heads to Nevada desert, a UFO hotspot. He meets an ex-CIA agent, Air Force pilots, a professional UFO hunter and a team of investigators.
Skeleton Canyon may have been the deadliest place in the Old West. Join Rob Riggle in the search for an outlaw's lost treasure.
Finding the actual Holy Grail is the holy grail for all global investigators so Rob's on the case. He's following in the footsteps of the Knights Templars and unearthing evidence.
Ex-marine Rob Riggle has a unique recipe to solve a 300-year-old pirate mystery in Florida Keys: one shovel, one metal detector, one Daquiri.