Rock Island Mysteries

Rock Island Mysteries catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 20

1.5 37 x
The Institute is shutting down and Taylor and Lila are told they're moving away from Rock Island, prompting one last adventure... and a shocking revelation from Raquel.

Season 1, Episode 19

4.0 34 x
Mysterious lights in the sky appear over Rock Island, causing Gillian to go missing.

Season 1, Episode 18

4.0 27 x
Taylor and Ellis come across a mysterious device that causes them to swap brains.

Season 1, Episode 17

4.0 27 x
Taylor and her friends discover a rare plant with a powerful pong and mysterious powers that attract the interest of a billionaire.

Season 1, Episode 16

4.0 18 x
Taylor and her friends investigate the mysterious disappearance of all the island's octopuses.

Season 1, Episode 15

4.3 33 x
When the teenage version of Emily and Uncle Charlie suddenly appear in Taylor's loungeroom, the gang must do whatever it takes to avoid them clashing with their modern day selves.

Season 1, Episode 14

3.0 25 x
Taylor and the gang are on a mission to a mysterious glass that destroys people's memories... but they keep forgetting what mission they are on.

Season 1, Episode 13

4.0 17 x
A tremor hits Rock Island, opening up a gateway to Atlantis, while Ellis gets asked out on a date.

Season 1, Episode 12

4.0 19 x
Taylor and the gang enter into an alternate universe where Uncle Charlie still lives on Rock Island.

Season 1, Episode 11

4.0 49 x
When a young prospector arrives onto the island with plans to find gold, Taylor and her friends do their best to foil his plans and keep the island safe.