Rosemary and Thyme


Wed 9 Dec, season 3 episode 7

304 x
Rosemary and Laura take to the stage to solve a murder in an amateur dramatic group.

Wed 2 Dec, season 3 episode 6

138 x
Laura's son and his friends are on their annual tennis holiday. When one of the players is found dead the girls suspect foul play.

Wed 25 Nov, season 3 episode 5

114 x
Rosemary reveals her maternal side when she and Laura find an abandoned baby under a gooseberry bush in Penelope Braxton's garden.

Wed 18 Nov, season 3 episode 4

174 x
Rosemary and Laura are employed to help re-create an original Victorian planting in a historic central London park.

Wed 11 Nov, season 3 episode 3

111 x
Rosemary's former boyfriend invites her and Laura to his home in southern Spain, but one of the local residents is found dead.

Wed 4 Nov, season 2 episode 3

140 x
When a mysterious Southern American man is found dead in the Pargeter's back garden, it looks as if there is more to Edwin's seed collection than meets the eye.

Wed 28 Oct, season 3 episode 1

100 x
Rosemary and Laura are asked to restore the Wellminster Cathedral garden, but when the custos's daughter is murdered the girls realise they could be in serious danger.

Wed 21 Oct, season 2 episode 9

72 x
As Rosemary and Laura investigate why the contestants' gardens are afflicted with the same blight, last year's winner is found dead.

Wed 14 Oct, season 2 episode 8

133 x
Why is archaeologist Gemma Jackson posing as Rosemary to gain access to Engleton Park?

Wed 7 Oct, season 2 episode 7

135 x
The Ligurian coast of Italy is no holiday for Rosemary and Laura as they are propelled into a mystery when a woman in their party is killed.

Wed 30 Sep, season 2 episode 6

127 x
Rosemary and Laura enter the cutthroat world of TV garden makeover shows when they help yachts woman-turned-presenter Quinnie Dorell with her new series.

Wed 9 Sep, season 2 episode 3

85 x
Laura hopes to heal a rift with her daughter, constructing a memorial garden, but family matters are put on hold when they discover a body.

Wed 2 Sep, season 2 episode 2

95 x
Events take a mysterious turn when Rosemary sees Martin's cousin Jim alive after he was found drowned.

Wed 26 Aug, season 2 episode 1

114 x
Rosemary and Thyme are hired by barrister Martin Frazer to bring the walled garden of his family mansion back to life with some help from the inmates of the local prison.

Wed 19 Aug, season 1 episode 6

96 x
An ancient yew tree in the Baffington churchyard is the focus of a new mystery for Rosemary and Laura when a man is found impaled on its trunk by a bow and arrow.

Wed 12 Aug, season 1 episode 5

138 x
When Rosemary and Laura advise a blind professor on blight at his allotment, they get caught up in his fight to stop the land being sold to developers.

Wed 5 Aug, season 1 episode 4

148 x
Dying grass at the Bowden Grange Language School drags Rosemary and Laura into a mystery from the past and bitter present-day rivalry.

Wed 29 Jul, season 1 episode 3

Expired 172 x
Laura and Rosemary are asked to restore an ornate water garden cascade at The Dell.

Wed 22 Jul, season 1 episode 2

Expired 137 x
When Rosemary and Laura start working on a wild garden at pop star Nev Connolly's grand Gothic pile, they discover skeletal remains of a racehorse and a young woman.