Rosemary & Thyme


S1 E4 - Sweet Angelica

4.0 0 x
Dying grass at the Bowden Grange Language School drags Rosemary and Laura into a mystery from the past and bitter present-day rivalry.

S1 E3 - The Language Of Flowers

4.0 0 x
Laura and Rosemary are asked to restore an ornate water garden cascade in the grounds of Vincent House Health Spa.

S1 E2 - Arabicas & The Early Spider

3.0 7 x
When Rosemary and Laura set out to create a wild garden at a pop star's Gothic pile, they discover bones belonging to a racehorse.

S1 E1 - And No Birds Sing

4.0 6 x
Two gardening enthusiasts find themselves caught up in a series of murder mysteries.
Episodes 2018

9. Up The Garden Path

Expired 3.0 13 x
A picturesque village is a hotbed of turmoil and dissent as the Garden Open Day Scheme approaches.

8. Swords Into Ploughshares

Expired 4.0 5 x
Why is archaeologist Gemma Jackson posing as Rosemary to gain access to Engleton Park.

7. The Italian Rapscallion

Expired 4.0 3 x
The Ligurian coast of Italy is no holiday when the girls are propelled into a mystery when a woman in their party is killed.

6. Gongoozlers

Expired 4.0 3 x
Rosemary and Laura enter the cut-throat world of TV garden makeover shows.

5. Invisible Worm

Expired 4.0 8 x
When Laura and Rosemary go to Stagford Lodge Prep School to investigate dying roses they get caught up in a strange ritual.

4. They Understand Me In Paris

Expired 4.0 9 x
Rosemary and Laura go to a villa in the French Riviera to restore a 150-year-old garden to its former glory ahead of a public opening.