Round The Twist


Series 4 Episode 5 TV Or Not TV

Expired 3.0 155 x
When the TV takes control of the remote control, the Twist kids find themselves behaving like their favourite TV stars.

Series 4 Episode 4 Dog By Night

Expired 3.0 221 x
When Count Dracumite, a circus flea, escapes from a visiting circus and bites Pete, he is turned into a werewolf after dark. He falls in love with an Alsatian dog and is looking forward to being a werewolf for the rest of his life.

Series 4 Episode 3 Linda Godiva

Expired 3.0 421 x
When Linda discovers an atomiser with magic qualities that makes her invisible, she uses it to help Pete when he is selected to ride a horse in a re enactment of a local historical event.

Series 4 Episode 2 Monster Under The Bed

Expired 3.0 157 x
When Bronson avoids doing his cleaning duties around the lighthouse, little does he know that there is a lint monster under the bed that is swelling up with all the dust, grime and smelly socks from around the lighthouse.

Series 4 Episode 1 Welcome Back

Expired 3.0 140 x
The centrepiece of the bicentenary of Port Niranda celebrations is a play but the ghosts of the theatrical performers, the Von Clapps, put on an incredible show that is truly out of this world!
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