Ryan's Mystery Playdate

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Season 4
Ryan's gonna rock and roll through the challenges for a chance to jam with his radical playdate! // Ryan's gotta play his cards right and not be fooled by puzzling challenges.
Season 2
Ryan must swipe through his challenges before getting crafty with his playdate. // Set sail with Ryan as he sets course for a day of challenge victories before meeting his plundering playdates.
It's MONSTER MAYHEM! Ryan and his friends need to help him figure out what he's going to wear for Halloween! Are they up for the challenge?
Ryan gets the scoop on his challenges before meeting his mystery playdate. // Ryan must rattle through some challenges before the mystery playdate helps him sell a thing or two.
Ryan must nail these challenges before seeing how rose worthy his medal wielding playdate is. // Ryan Phantoms his way through Tuff challenges before putting his playdate up to the ultimate draw.
Ryan performs his challenge completing floor routine before meeting his golden playdate. // Dive in with Ryan as he completes his challenges before taking the leap with his mystery playdate.
Ryan's going to need to pin down his challenges before meeting his door smashing playdate. // Watch Ryan slip through his challenges before his mystery playdate pops in to show him some sudsy tricks.
Yell timber because Ryan is chopping through his challenges before meeting his playdate. // It's time for playdate skate as Ryan must roll through challenge before meeting his topsy turvy playdate.
Ryan stirs his way through a yummy mix of challenges before meeting his creatively stacked playdate. // Ryan must address some challenges before meeting his special delivery of a playdate.
Ryan rolls his way through challenges before putting his crowded playdate up to the ultimate challenge. // Ryan bravely completes his challenges before assigning his playdate with a smooth mission.
Season 1
Press start with Ryan as he mashes his way through challenges. Don't forget to strech as Ryan pushes up through his challenges before meeting his athletic playdate.
Kick-flip into the day as Ryan shreds through extreme challenges to hang with his mystery playdate. Observe Ryan as he tests his skills in a series of challenges to discover his mind-blowing playdate.
Ryan's high-flying mystery playdate is really going to test his chops. Log on as Ryan scrolls through challenges to find out his mystery playdate. This one's sure to go viral.
Ryan must stir his was through some sweet challenges before meeting his ace of a playdate. An apple a day keeps Ryan at play before he checks up with his mystery playdate.
Turn the volume up as Ryan finds his challenge harmony before meeting his pitch perfect playdate. Watch Ryan score some challenge victories before going for the gold with his mystery playdate.
Ryan is radioed in to complete his challenges before seeing if he's ready to earn his badge. Prepare to take off with Ryan as he flies through challenges and meets his soaring playdate.
It's showtime when Ryan meets a mystery playdate who brings along some very silly friends. Ryan gets lots of egg-cersise when he does his challenges and meets a playdate who's not afraid to get dirty.
Ryan bops to his own beat as he does his challenges and meets his musical mystery playdate. Get ready for things to fly through the air when Ryan meets his flinging and slinging playdate.
Ryan is looking good as he chops his way through challenges to meet his mystery playdate. It's gonna be a bright and sunny day when Ryan meets his beach-lovin' mystery playdate.
Mix it up with Ryan as he takes on challenges and meets a playdate who turns the tables on him. Ryan gets served up with tasty challenges and a mystery playdate who's a real treat.