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Catch up TV on Sally Bollywood. Watch the latest and all other episodes of Sally Bollywood now online, broadcasted on ABC3. Catch up on your favorite ABC3 TV show: Sally Bollywood. Replay tv on its best! It is nearly Christmas and Mrs Apu is worried that she hasn't seen her friend for several days. When Sally and Doowee arrive at the old man's house, they find him upset because somebody has stolen his Father Christmas suit.

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Season 2, Episode 24 (Stolen Clothes) 12:00

Season 2, Episode 24 (Stolen Clothes)

3.0 5 x
Someone has stolen the Blue Elephant - the costume of the school's sports mascot. Sally and Doowee investigate, and almost immediately find the suit - being worn by a student, Matt.
Season 2, Episode 23 (Whodunnit) 12:00

Season 2, Episode 23 (Whodunnit)

3.0 1 x
SBI throw a party to launch its new crime-fighting equipment and invite a few past clients. But suddenly the lights go out - and when they're switched back on, the new computer has been sabotaged with a screwdriver.
Season 2, Episode 22 (Eye In The Sky) 12:00

Season 2, Episode 22 (Eye In The Sky)

3.0 2 x
The school model rocket club has a problem - their rockets keep blowing up. Doowee investigates and discovers that the rockets are indeed being sabotaged, so the club switches to being a club for model airplanes.
Season 2, Episode 37 (Fangs A Lot) 12:00

Season 2, Episode 37 (Fangs A Lot)

3.0 32 x
Video 'Season 2, Episode 37 (Fangs A Lot)' of the TV-show Sally Bollywood was broadcasted by ABC3 on Tuesday 21 June 2016 at 9:17.
Season 2, Episode 36 (The White Knight) 12:00

Season 2, Episode 36 (The White Knight)

3.0 53 x
Sally, a young girl of 12, has great admiration for the most brilliant of private detectives in the entire world, the famous Harry Bollywood of the 'Harry Bollywood Investigation Agency'...her adorable 'daddy-cakes!'
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