Series 4 Episode 13 Sanctuary For None: Part 2 (Final)

3.0 84 x
With the new Abnormal Homeland now openly under threat, Helen Magnus is forced into a corner - but she has a plan in mind that no one sees coming.CAST: Amanda Tapping

Series 4 Episode 12 Sanctuary For None: Part 1

3.0 79 x
Caleb, a notorious leader in Hollow Earth, asks for Magnus's help to build a new home for displaced insurgents on the surface. But will the world's governments allow that to happen? CAST: Amanda Tapping

Series 4 Episode 11 The Depths

3.0 60 x
Racing to stop a SCIU team from capturing an extremely rare and legendary Abnormal, Magnus and Will get trapped in a cave-in. CAST: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne

Series 4 Episode 10 Acolyte

3.0 62 x
Trouble from Hollow Earth insurgents leads to a reunion with a dear Sanctuary friend, and an unanticipated betrayal. CAST: Amanda Tapping

Series 4 Episode 9 Chimera

3.0 88 x
Magnus and Nikola Tesla become trapped in a virtual Sanctuary world at the mercy of the evil avatar of Adam Worth. CAST: Amanda Tapping, Jonathon Young, Ian Tracey

Series 4 Episode 8 Fugue

3.0 86 x
A mysterious Abnormal attacks Abby. Magnus and Will discover that there's only one way to communicate with this unusual enemy. CAST: Amanda Tapping, Pascale Hutton, Robin Dunne

Series 4 Episode 7 Icebreaker

3.0 51 x
When a team from the UK Sanctuary gets in trouble on a stranded icebreaker in the Bering Sea, Magnus and Will must figure out who is behind the mysterious happenings at sea. CAST: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne

Series 4 Episode 6 Homecoming

3.0 71 x
Will runs into unexpected trouble on a trip to the Liberian Sanctuary in Monrovia. Meanwhile, Magnus has her hands full when a couple of flying Abnormals recruit her help with a questionable scheme. CAST: Amanda tapping

Series 4 Episode 5 Resistance

3.0 81 x
A Sanctuary mission to infiltrate a secret Abnormal testing facility brings Magnus and Henry face to face with a mysterious and deadly creature, and with an old friend whose loyalties are in question. CAST: Amanda Tapping

Series 4 Episode 4 Monsoon

3.0 59 x
Now cut off from government aid and military protection, the new 'rogue' Sanctuary must fend for itself for even the simple staples of heat, taxes and ample electricity.