Sandhamn Murders

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June 2023
Sandhamn Murders S17 - Nadia of Sandhamn Murders was broadcast by SBS ONE on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 14:00.
Sandhamn Murders S18 - Esther of Sandhamn Murders was broadcast by SBS ONE on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 14:00.
Sandhamn Murders S19 - Max of Sandhamn Murders was broadcast by SBS ONE on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 14:00.
A real estate agent doing business in Russia travels to Sandhamn, disrupting the summer idyll. He buys a piece of beach on the southern side of the island and builds a luxury house there.
The leaders are unaware that some of the older boys have made Benjamin their whipping boy; someone lurks in the shadows.
The Nacka Police investigate an anonymous report of domestic violence. Mia meets Minna, badly battered, at the hospital.
Mia and Thomas are assigned to surveillance a group of suspected alcohol smugglers. However, chaos ensues when Thomas leaves for a cup of coffee.
May 2021
While preparing for a 40th wedding celebration, Nora's own children go missing at the beach. The search leads to a macabre discovery that pulls the case many years back through history.
On a beautiful July day, a party gathers to watch the finish of the Round Gotland Race. The celebration suddenly comes to a halt when the captain of a boat is shot, and inspector Thomas Andreasson is called to investigate the murder.
Inspector Thomas Andreasson and his colleague, Mia, continue to investigate the murder of lawyer Oscar Juliander. They discover he had been receiving threatening letters.
When another member of the KSSS board is murdered, Thomas searches for a connection between the murders.
On a dark autumn evening in Santahamina, a young girl disappears without a trace. Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson of Nacka police joins the search. After a few days the police give up, believing the girl has drowned.
When another young girl disappears at Sandhamn and her bicycle is found on a cliff, many fear the worst.
Speculation flies about who knocked Mia down on the boat, and whether it could be the same person who is responsible for the other missing women.
A quiet summer at Sandhamn is interrupted when a psychology student commits suicide. When Thomas learns about secret dealings, he realises there might be more to it.
Detective Thomas Andreasson investigates the murder of psychology student Marcus. Marcus had arranged a series of meetings with former fighter soldiers to talk about group psychology.
Thomas and Mia track down all the commandos that have been mixed up, directly or indirectly, with Marcus' murder.
A midsummer party turns into a nightmare when a girl mysteriously disappears and a young man is found dead. Detectives Andreasson and Holmgren return to investigate together.
Thomas and Mia continue their investigation into Victor's murder and try to establish what happened on Midsummer Night; Nora and Jonas finally find Vera, but the girl refuses to say where she has been.
Thomas and Mia get new leads in Victor's murder investigation; Nora tries to find out from Vera what really happened the night she disappeared and realises that the case could be linked to the young man's murder.