Scott & Bailey

Scott & Bailey catch up

April 2018

Season 5, Episode 3

4.0 163 x
As the team makes a significant breakthrough in the case, Rachel's position as Acting DI is jeopardised. Janet's attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, rocking her faith in justice. (Final)
March 2018

Season 5, Episode 2

3.0 88 x
When the killers change the rules of their sick game, Rachel's safety is in question. As a police officer, Janet is powerless to protect her daughter but she knows she needs to stop the madness.

Season 5, Episode 1

4.0 111 x
Rachel becomes Acting DI on a case that becomes bigger and more sinister than it first seemed. Glad of Rachel's return, Janet couldn't have known how much she was going to need her friend.
June 2016

Season 4, Episode 8

3.3 125 x
The discovery of slaves turns a murder inquiry into a multi-agency investigation. Scott and Bailey are determined to get Gill through to retirement with her reputation intact.
May 2016

Season 4, Episode 7

3.0 96 x
A body on the moors leads Janet and Chris to a shocking discovery. While Rachel and Janet harbour concerns about Gill's behaviour, their own actions come under investigation.

Season 4, Episode 6

3.0 98 x
Troubled by Gill's comments about her relationship with Will, Rachel gets cold feet about being 'out' with him at an award ceremony. The duo is distracted by a new case involving the murder of a pub landlord and his wife.

Season 4, Episode 5

3.0 88 x
An unconscious baby is admitted to hospital with injuries that do not match his parents' explanation of events.

Season 4, Episode 4

3.0 165 x
As Syndicate 9 investigates the discovery of a woman's body in a Manchester hotel room, Gill introduces Rachel to high-flying DS Will Pemberton, unaware they are already well acquainted.
April 2016

Season 4, Episode 3

3.0 113 x
The murder of a gay man has all the markings of a hate crime, but why is his friend struggling to answer some simple questions? And as Janet has her first date, Rachel meets Sharon's new boyfriend.

Season 4, Episode 2

3.0 92 x
Rachel's first job as Sergeant proves to be a baptism of fire, bringing with it all the challenges of a high profile, historical case. And while Janet keeps Gill's secret, she does share another with Rachel.