Scrubs catch up

May 2016

Wed 11 May, season 9 episode 9

3.0 60 x
New realities are experienced when Lucy prepares for a dissection exam, JD and Elliot prepare to have their baby, and Dr Cox has to face his mortality.

Tue 10 May, season 9 episode 8

3.0 30 x
Wandering through the hospital, Lucy sees couples everywhere, so she decides to redefine her relationship with Cole.

Tue 3 May, season 9 episode 10

3.0 52 x
When a student cheats on an exam, Dr Cox takes it out on the whole class, and Denise makes a surprising admission.
April 2016

Tue 26 Apr, season 9 episode 6

3.0 61 x
An exhausted Lucy turns to Elliot for guidance, while Turk needs a new best friend since JD left.

Tue 19 Apr, season 9 episode 5

3.0 85 x
Lucy has problems taking blood from patients, while JD still wants to get Dr Cox's approval. Meanwhile, Denise is afraid not to be the person with the pants on in her relationship with Drew.

Tue 12 Apr, season 9 episode 4

3.0 47 x
When their wives are out of town, Turk and J.D. prepare for the big med school party. Meanwhile, Dr Kelso tries to say a proper goodbye to Ted and Gooch as they leave to see the world.
March 2016

Sat 19 Mar, season 9 episode 3

3.0 67 x
JD learns a lesson in teaching when Dr Cox and Lucy reverse their roles of teacher and student.

Sun 13 Mar, season 9 episode 2

3.0 82 x
Lucy learns her first lesson in being a doctor when she connects with an alcoholic patient whom Dr Cox wants out of the hospital.

Sun 6 Mar, season 9 episode 1

3.0 102 x
J.D., Turk, Dr Cox, Dr Kelso and Intern Denise return to Sacred Heart to teach med school, while a new bunch of students are put through the ringer on their first day of school.