Secret History Of Our Streets

May 2016

Ep6 - Arnold Circus

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Arnold Circus - This episode explores the history of Arnold Circus, located in London’s East End, and the Victorian social experiment that changed Britain. The planning of this first planning estate, from its lack of pubs to the pattern of the bric...
April 2016

Ep5 - Reverdy Road

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Reverdy Road - This episode explores the history of Reverdy Road in Bermondsey, which has endured as an enclave of working-class respectability. When Charles Booth visited in 1900 as part of his Survey of London, he was impressed by the houses, gard...

Ep4 - Portland Road

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Portland Road - From the lowest of slums to being one of the most expensive streets in England, Portland Road in Notting Hill has transformed tremendously throughout history. This episode, we look at how the past 125 years have shaped the lives of p...

Ep3 - Caledonian Road

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Caledonian Road - Caledonian Road starts next to King's Cross station and from its beginning, the street has been resolutely working class. But the people of 'the Cally' have held their community together despite being challenged by powerful outside...

Ep2 - Camberwell Grove

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Camberwell Grove - Bordered by Brixton in one direction and Peckham in another Camberwell is very much the inner city yet at its heart lies the Grove; a broad, tree-lined street made up of some of the finest Georgian architecture in London. This do...
March 2016

Ep1 - Deptford High Street

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Deptford High Street - In this episode The Secret History of Our Streets goes back to Deptford High Street, to uncover the remarkable story of a place once dubbed "the Oxford Street of South London". Deptford High Street however found itself sacrifi...