Seeking Brother Husband

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Seeking Brother Husband

After a visit to the OBGYN, Chara has some big news for her husbands. Mike questions the polyandrous lifestyle and presses Elisa on returning to monogamy.

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Season 1
Mike's mom questions why Elisa needs to date other men. Carl tells Kenya to consider Tiger's offer. Kim invites her family to visit but is met with disappointment.
Kenya's ex wants to rekindle their relationship. Chara introduces her new boyfriend, Valentino, to Patrick.
Kim invites Vinson to a party to see how he handles seeing her flirt with other men. Chara wants a baby and may need to find a new partner.
Chara, Patrick and Noble navigate their relationship after Noble moves out. Kenya, Carl and Tiger hunt for a bigger home. Elisa leaves Mike at home to go on a date.
Kenya is seeking a third husband but first needs husband number 2, Tiger, to move out of their bedroom.