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S1 Ep14 - Rio De Janeiro 51:57

S1 Ep14 - Rio De Janeiro

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Rio De Janeiro - In the season finale for this provocative and exploratory series, it becomes apparent that in Rio de Janeiro, while one can walk around almost naked on any occasion, what remains hidden is just as exciting as what is flaunted. (Final) (From France, in English & Portuguese...
S1 Ep13 - Cape Town 53:28

S1 Ep13 - Cape Town

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Le Cap - In Cape Town, in order to get their kicks, people must navigate the ravages of the AIDS epidemic and rapes. But during apartheid, sex played a political role here, when it was exhibited between mixed-race couples. (From France, in English) (Documentary/Sexuality) MA(S,N)
S1 Ep12 - Istanbul 52:22

S1 Ep12 - Istanbul

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In Istanbul, the pleasures of Europe and Asia meet in astonishing practices that must contend with the rise in Islamic censorship. #SBS2
S1 Ep11 - Ho Chi Minh City 52:30

S1 Ep11 - Ho Chi Minh City

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In Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon, people waver between Confucius and bandwidth. On the one hand, Nam Magazine, the Vietnamese Playboy must rise to the challenge of publishing sexy photos without revealing any nipple. On the other hand, the gay community freely surfs dating sites...
S1 Ep10 - Montreal 51:51

S1 Ep10 - Montreal

Expired 3.0 194 x
Montreal - In Montreal, the capital of liberal sex, saucy old songs coexist alongside the most revolutionary of behaviours. Night birds are prepared for all sorts of dramatisations. Glamour networks abound on the internet and the Fetish Weekend is a roaring success. But whereas gays and...
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