Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL

April 2019

Season 8, Episode 13

4.0 3 x
In a glittering cavalcade of Busby Berkley style production numbers, Shaun and the gang pay tribute to the music of Peter Andre. With special guest Eddie Obeid. (Season Final)

Season 8, Episode 12

4.0 0 x
A car that talks gets laryngitis and learns what it's like to be a normal car. Stars Meryl Streep, Jo Silvagni.

Season 8, Episode 11

4.0 0 x
When a man wakes up in the morning it starts a chain of events that leads to him going back to sleep at the end of the day. Stars Shane Crawford.

Season 8, Episode 10

4.0 0 x
A decaf soy latte with magical powers costs only fifty cents more than a regular one. Directed by James Cameron.

Season 8, Episode 9

4.0 0 x
A documentary on 90-year-old Dagwood dog virtuoso Wayne Blacka (Francis Greenslade) and his relationship with his son and eventual heir, Bartholomew (also Francis Greenslade, but in a different wig).
March 2019

Season 8, Episode 8

3.0 0 x
An unhappily married ironmonger suspects his deceased postman has returned from the dead. However, after a quick phone call to the PMG, he learns he is mistaken.
February 2019

Season 8, Episode 3

4.0 0 x
A filmmaker explores the origins of the influential but little studied music group The Beatles. In a remarkable ending, it emerges one of them, Paul, is still playing music to packed arenas all over the world.
December 2018

Season 9, Episode 13

3.0 9 x
Roger finally discovers the truth about Jeannie, steals and takes control of the bottle without Tony's permission. He gets a 25 cent refund on it in Adelaide. (Season Final)

Season 9, Episode 12

3.0 4 x
Tony has to go on a three-week trip to Rome. Jeannie begs her master to let her come along, but Tony knows she'll only be in the way and orders her to stay home. She does.
November 2018

Season 9, Episode 11

4.0 6 x
Shaun Micallef returns for the 100th episode of MAD AS HELL! When Tony tells Jeannie that his childhood dream was to become a surgeon, he finds himself in the operating room where Roger is to have his appendix removed.