Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL

July 2017

Season 7, Episode 5

3.0 3 x
Biopic of Entente Cordiale, the blind French plumber who, in 1886, won the contract to install the male toilets in the Statue of Liberty's head.

Season 7, Episode 4

4.0 7 x
A priest and a tame bear travel back in time to Dallas, Texas on November 23, 1963 to try and prevent an episode of 'The Patty Duke Show' going to air. #MadAsHell

Season 7, Episode 3

3.0 12 x
In a futuristic society, all sarcasm has been eliminated except for the occasional use of the phrase "oh, do you think so?" by Nether-Zone outcasts.
June 2017

Season 7, Episode 2

3.0 6 x
An acrobat, a diplomat and a bureaucrat enter a laundromat and engage in some chit-chat about a thermostat. Stars Chow Yun-fat.

Season 7, Episode 1

3.0 26 x
Seven veteran gunslingers agree to defend a poor Mexican village against an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis.
November 2016

Season 6, Episode 3

3.0 9 x
During a sudden moon storm, a space baker is abandoned by his fellow astronauts. Talking to himself so we understand what he's thinking, the space baker must ration a single sachet of yeast to survive.

Season 6, Episode 2

3.0 7 x
Thriller in which a man wakes to discover that his left kidney has been removed & replaced with a nuclear bomb set to go off at 1800 hours, exactly when he's supposed to be at his son's school concert. #MadAsHellTV
October 2016

Season 5, Episode 10

4.0 17 x
Terry's not like you or me. You see, Terry hears voices in his head. Angry voices. Voices that tell him to kill. (Twist: Terry works in telemarketing and the voices are customers in his headphones.)

Season 5, Episode 9

3.0 19 x
Drawing on old Super 8 footage, videotape, still photos, eyewitness accounts and police records, a former marine is able to piece together the final moments before his colonoscopy.

Season 5, Episode 8

3.0 15 x
You might think you know all about sugar, but how much do you really know about sugar? Tonight, everything you need to know about sugar - and some things you perhaps didn't need to know! About sugar.
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