She'll Be Right, Boss

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She'll Be Right, Boss

Happiness Inc - Pria talks to Australian business people who are working to achieve a better work/life balance. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Final) (Rpt) G CC WS

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Season 1
Bigger Ponds - Nearly a million Australians now live and work overseas - that's five percent of the population. This episode features two successful Australians in New York and London who are taking positive steps to nurture connections between Australians both abroad and at home. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documenta...
A 'layman's look at the big end of town' in Australia, this series features interviews with prominent business people and experts from both Australia and overseas. Hosted by Pria Viswalingam. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) G CC WS
Pria Viswillingam delves into what defines Australian workers' attitudes and those that pervade the various levels of management. He also challenges the concept of 'cultural/business cringe', particularly in relation to America. (An SBS Production, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) G CC WS
No Worries - Looks at the history of Australian business and where we stand today in relation to the rest of the world. (Commissioned by SBS) (Documentary Series) (Part 1 of 5) (Rpt) G CC WS