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It's the morning after the first beach party, and the Shark tribe are worried that one of their members may be falling for a rival.

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Season 9
The freshly formed tribes embrace their new identities, and soon decide to try and make each of the islands appealing for the new arrivals.
Return of the reality documentary following people marooned in the South Pacific, beginning as eight strangers wash up on the tropical shores of Tiger Island.
After weeks of battling to become the biggest tribe, the Tigers and Sharks are about to face a final emotional beach party, and find out who will be the winner of Shipwrecked 2019.
With the beach party on the horizon, the competition hots up. The final challenge is set - coconut roulette. But whether everyone remains loyal remains to be seen.
Tribal Challenge Week continues as the new arrivals spend a third night with one of the tribes. Meanwhile, a huge bombshell is dropped for both the Tigers and the Sharks.
It is Tribal Challenge Week in the competition, and there are five new arrivals for the Tigers and Sharks to woo, so a round of `speed dating' is on the agenda.
Tribal Challenge Week begins with a swimming-based trial with the results to be revealed at the beach party - and there is a big surprise for the winning team.
Duel Week continues, but this time there is only one new arrival, leaving both tribes to ponder why. At the beach party another twist lies in store, which could result in an unexpected departure.
The Sharks' spies return from Tiger Island and tell their tribe everything they have found out about the competition, leaving the team rattled. Two new arrivals test Liv's patience.
A team meeting leaves Emma furious, a fresh arrival attracts a new admirer during a game of beer pong and the Sharks make a secret trip across the lagoon to retrieve their ball.
The Sharks and Tigers prepare to welcome another pair of new arrivals in paradise. Duel Week continues at the beach party with a tense game of "Show Us Yer Clam".
A surprise is in store for the new arrivals as they will have to compete to win their right to choose an island, while things are heating up between two Tiger tribe members.
The Tigers reel from the shock of the beach party, but as the flags go up on both islands, neither team is too pleased at going head-to-head in the first tribal challenge.
The Tigers have a mole in their midst but no one suspects a thing, while Kalia is still unsure about Harry's feelings for her - making the rest of the tribe bored by her indecision.