Silent Witness

June 2017

Season 19, Episode 10 (River's Edge (part 2))

4.0 40 x
Amy's past begins to catch up with her, risking her medical career & everything else. DCI Butcher continues to pursue the estranged husband single-mindedly, whilst Nicki & Jack help DS Guillam search for the truth. (Final)

Season 19, Episode 9 (River's Edge (part 1))

4.0 42 x
A family is coldly murdered during a picnic by the River Malt, clinically and methodically shot by their murderer. The Lyell team's investigation soon points towards the mother's estranged husband.
May 2017

Season 19, Episode 8 (In Plain Sight (part 2))

3.0 34 x
The body of an armed officer is found and a manhunt begins for the suspected killer, Bruno. Jack thinks he may be able to talk Bruno into handing himself in and sets off on his own. His search leads him to London's gun trade.

Season 19, Episode 7 (In Plain Sight (part 1))

3.0 29 x
The Firearms Division comes under fire when a teenager is accidentally killed during an armed police operation. Soon after the inquest the mutilated body of a Turkish man is found in close proximity to the original incident.

Season 19, Episode 6 (Life Licence (part 2))

4.5 37 x
The team revisit a 15-year old case when they discover that Paul may have lied about his identity so far. Their investigation re-opens old wounds for the victim's family however. Further bodies are discovered.

Season 19, Episode 5 (Life Licence (part 1))

3.0 52 x
An ex-convict is killed and suspicion lands on a recently released child killer. As other former long term prisoners out on a life licence come under scrutiny, the team learn how fragile their freedom is.
April 2017

Season 19, Episode 4 (Flight (part 2))

3.0 38 x
The team race to stop Begovic before she strikes again but it soon becomes clear that she isn't working alone. Meanwhile, Begovic begins to doubt her actions and the motives of her allies, questioning her plans.

Season 19, Episode 3 (Flight (part 1))

2.0 42 x
The murder of a well-known anti-fundamentalist Muslim man leads the Lyell team to question who would kill this peaceful but outspoken man. Suspicion falls on a local taxi driver also a member of the English Defence League.

Season 19, Episode 2 (After The Fall (part 2))

4.0 45 x
Nikki becomes the prime suspect after a former colleague is murdered and soon suspects someone is attempting to frame her. She is unable to stop herself having doubts about her old flame Scott due to the timing of his return.

Season 19, Episode 1 (After The Fall (part 1))

4.0 67 x
The apparent suicide of a DJ leads Nikki to question her judgement on a similar case from her past. Is there a copycat killer out there - someone who is forensically aware and possibly medically trained?
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