Silk Road From Above

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Silk Road From Above

As the journey continues beyond China's borders, meet the resilient Kyrgyz nomads who still play an ancient game on horseback, uncover surprising archaeological finds in Uzbekistan, explore Turkey’s intricate underground cities and ancient caravan rest-stops, and encounter the b...

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February 2024
On the next leg of the journey from China's heartland to the country’s western border, across harsh deserts, steep mountain ranges and breath-taking land formations, discover the marks left behind by ancient travellers, from vineyards to religious cave paintings, and imposing architecture, while exploring modern engineerin...
On a journey from Xi'an, the birthplace of the Silk Road in China, to the bustling city of Lanzhou in the country's northwest, discover the enduring legacy of iconic goods like silk and tea, witness the profound impact of imported ideas like Buddhism and experience cutting-edge innovations from electronic vehicles to heavy...