October 2013

Episode 13 Day Of Judgement

3.0 48 x
Episode 13 Day Of Judgement of Silverwing was broadcast by ABC3 on Saturday 12 October 2013 at 8:00.

Episode 13 Day Of Judgement (Final)

3.0 57 x
Shade tries to defend himself in the owl's court. Brutus pronounces Shade, Marina and Freida guilty. The three accused will have to be executed, but before the sentence can be carried out, Goth, Throbb and the wolves attack.

Episode 12 Hibernaculum

3.0 44 x
Episode 12 Hibernaculum of Silverwing was broadcast by ABC3 on Saturday 5 October 2013 at 8:00.

Episode 12 Hibernaculum

3.0 63 x
Shade, Marina and Orestes utilise the Sound Map to get to Hibernaculum, where after a brief reunion Shade warns the colony of Goth and the wolves.
September 2013

Episode 11 Strange Batfellows

3.0 83 x
A chase gone awry results in Shade and Goth being trapped in an abandoned mine. Meanwhile, with the help of Orestes, Marina outsmarts Throbb as they try to reach their trapped comrade.

Episode 10 Rats

3.0 60 x
While hiding from Goth and Throbb in the city's sewers, Shade and Marina encounter the weird world of the rats, where with the help of Orestes they endeavour to restore the real Rat King to his throne.

Episode 9 I'm With The Band

3.0 91 x
When refuge comes in the form of a cabin populated by variant banded bats, Marina thinks she's found community, while Shade is reasonably sure she's found a cult.

Episode 8 Deception

3.0 61 x
Shade's behaviour in the face of their recapture shocks Marina. However, horror turns to relief, when Shade engineers their escape by duping Goth and Throbb.
August 2013

Episode 7 Everything Is Not Black And White

3.0 53 x
The war between Goth and Throbb has become personal. Having suffered the indignity of being nursed back to health by Throbb post-electrocution, Goth vows to extract his vengeance on Shade, the tiny Silverwing.