Sister Boniface Mysteries

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Sister Boniface Mysteries

Felix must choose between his friends and career when Sister Boniface investigates a murder at The Miss United Britain beauty contest. (Final)

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Season 1
Sister Boniface uncovers a murder at Great Slaughter's town twinning ceremony, while Sam faces a backlash from locals.
Sister Boniface investigates a case of poisoning when a contestant drops dead during a TV baking competition.
Sister Boniface investigates a cold case when human bones are found at the Great Slaughter Giant Marrow Contest.
Sister Boniface investigates the mysterious death of The Queenmakers' lead singer, while Peggy struggles with the loss of her hero.
Sister Boniface investigates a case that threatens national security when the Defence Minister's mistress is found dead at his residence.
When Sister Reg's brother is implicated in the murder of an artist, it's down to Sister Boniface to prove his innocence.
Sister Boniface is faced with a serial killer targeting women through the Albion Bugle lonely hearts ads.
Sister Boniface investigates sabotage when Sister Peter's favourite TV series Operation Q.T films an episode at St Vincent's.
At the Great Slaughter Mangold Wurzel Festival, jollities come to an abrupt halt when a young woman's corpse is found within the Aunt Sally dummy.