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Lauren finds out the results of the IUI. Jared returns to Florida. Angelica questions Jason about his commitment. Cristina and Kathy make a life-changing decision.

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Season 3
Sunhe grills Jason's mom about Angelica and Amara. Amy's realizations about Kai impact her relationship with Carina. Rykia reveals a secret she's been keeping.
Amy kicks Carina out of the bedroom. Cher and Dawn take Belle to the dentist. Lauren has to choose. Sunhe and Angelica make themselves at home in Jason's house.
Amy's ex-boyfriend visits. Cristina enlists Kathy's help with delivering pies. Lisa convinces Lauren to put off reconciling with Laura-Leigh. Sunhe takes over Jason's house.
Lisa and Lauren confess to Kenny about their recent scheming. Karla surprises Rykia. Sunhe and Jason clash about his belongings. Dawn and Cher take skin care to a new level.
Lisa makes a surprising proposal to Lauren, shocking Laura Leigh. Kathy continues to insert herself at the pizzeria. Cher confronts Jared about staying in Florida with Belle.
Karla worries that she and Rykia are drifting apart. Lauren comes clean to Laura Leigh. Amy realizes she needs space from Carina. Angelica's condition worsens.
Dawn and Cher hatch a plan to convince Jared to stay in Florida. Amy and Carina share everything from a bed to underwear. Angelica faces an unexpected health risk.
Sunhe and Angelica are caught off guard by an unexpected announcement. Karla and Rykia grill Rasheed's girlfriend. Kathy and Cristina celebrate Halloween. Lisa inseminates Lauren.
Karla and Rykia bond by giving each other Brazilian waxes. Southern belles Lisa and Lauren plan a secret at-home insemination. Sunhe and Angelica prepare to announce big news.
Season 2
Brittani reveals her new body to Mary; Sarah's gift to Laurie bothers Miguel; Carlo has bombshell news for Kathy and Cristina; Dawn struggles being away from Cher and Belle.
Cristina moves her family into Kathy's house; Marcia encourages Alena to find love and independence; Sarah finds a unique way to keep tabs on her mother.
Cher and Jared confront Dawn about going home early; Angelica worries about Sunhe's health; Mary asks Frank to help her and Brittani after their upcoming surgeries.
Kathy wants Cristina's new kitchen to match hers. Sarah and Laurie have a scare at Wienerfest. Cher and Jared worry Dawn is overstaying her welcome. After going on a date.
Cher hires a lactation consultant. Meanwhile, Marcia puts Alena in the driver's seat, Angelica and Jason's double date with Sunhe and Brett takes an ugly turn.
Sunhe and Angelica help Jason sort his ex's belongings; Carly discovers that Cristina and her family are moving in; Laurie and Sarah share an appreciation for Sarah's baby teeth.
Now that Belle is in the world, Cher and Dawn are officially triplets; Mary's shocking graduation gift to Brittani turns heads at her graduation party.
Cher goes into labor; Brittani breaks down over her boy troubles before her big graduation party; Sunhe's interrogations reveal more of Jason's secrets.
Cher and Dawn tell Jared about Cher's new natural birth plan; Mary takes Brittani to get a colonic; Sunhe can't stay silent after inviting herself to Jason's divorce proceeding.
Sunhe tries to reconnect with Angelica by crashing her date with Jason; Kathy and Cristina hatch a plan to convince Carlo that they should all move in together.