Snoop Dogg Presents: The Joker's Wild

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Snoop Dogg Presents: The Joker's Wild

New England Patriot Julian Edelman shows off a secret skill; Biz Markie sings an ode to cheese; Hannibal Buress gets the munchies; Snoop & Busy Philipps sing Long Beach lullabies.

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Season 2
A good day with Ice Cube; Snoop takes everyone to church; a fashion designer and a waitress compete to play for $50,000 on Snoop's big slot machine.
Xzibit talks chick flicks, Aubrey Plaza's gotta halve it, and Cheech & Chong discuss who's highest. Snoop Doggowitz, Attorney at Law stops by.
Adam Devine tells yo momma jokes and Xzibit is all whitey, then, while Snoop goes deep with two contestants. The winner gets a chance to win $50k on the big-ass slot machine.
We get glazed and confused with a special guest, and Paris Jackson shows off her baby gifts. Snoop Dogg talks real dogs and goes deep with an estate agent and a brand ambassador.
We get spaced out with a special guest, and G-Eazy's brand-new raps are money. Snoop makes it rain for a pastor and an I.T. guy who compete to play for $50k on the slot machine.
Seth Rogen talks Canadian bakin', Aubrey Plaza puts us under her spell, and we help Kevin Smith find his letters. Snoop takes us to church and we find out who's the O.G.
Adam Devine tells yo momma jokes and The Riddler stops by. Someone tries to meld their mind with Snoop's, and a blogger and an analyst are quizzed on actors from across the pond!
Dana White teaches us about White history, Snoop takes us to The Highlight Zone, and we find out where Kevin Smith's letters are at. Someone gets dumped by Dogg.
Adam Devine gets his 80s on, Aubrey Plaza's gotta halve it, and the Fairy Doggfather pays a visit. A drag racer and a college student get a chance to play for 50K.
Season 1
Kelly Osbourne shows how they do it in the UK; Snoop hosts a morning show with Regis, and "gangsta" knowledge is tested; a dental hygienist and a football coach compete.
Snoop and Regis Philbin croon rat pack tunes; Michael Strahan attempts yoga poses; Snoop reads hip hop soliloquies like Shakespeare; a theme park performer and a dancer compete.
Snoop paints masterpieces, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop read Dr. Seuss books, and Snoop shows us why "black don't crack." A teacher and a brand ambassador take on the wheel for $25,000.
Michael Strahan shows us his moves, "Claws" star Karrueche Tran does the nails for the rich and famous, Method Man chews up the scenery, and Snoop drops some "pimpin' puzzles".
Karlie Kloss brings the fashion, Michael Strahan busts a move, and Seth Rogen speaks on pot's effects on our brains. A sommelier and a bartender take on the wheels for $25,000.
Snoop and Wiz Khalifa read us some Dr. Seuss, Method Man and Snoop do Eighties Karaoke, and Snoop gets his Shakespeare on. A dog lover and a pro gamer duke it out to win $25,000.
Snoop and Method Man rock out to '80s hits; "Claws" star Karrueche Tran teaches about selfies; Snoop reads fairy tales; a cheerleader and hip hop hipster square off.
Seth Rogen names celebrities he'd like to smoke with; Snoop quizzes a pot farming party planner and a Pokemon master on the names of pot strains, and the winner spins for $25,000.
Kelly Osbourne critiques runway fashions and Snoop performs on the cowbell; a history teacher and a twerking pop culture junkie have to guess what Snoop has just painted.
Snoop gets deep and asks us which celebrity is a "crazy-eyed mofo." A math teacher and a personal trainer spin the wheels for a chance to win $25,000.