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So, I Quit My Day Job Podcast

He’s an author, radio host, journalist, producer, screenwriter... I mean, the list goes on.

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Season 1
How Magic Mike disappeared from finance to create unbelievable magic in everyday life...
If there's one story you listen to today, let it be Leila McDougall's...
From small town tomboy to on-screen success, hear how Aussie actress Susie Porter made it.
From behind the mic to behind bars, Jack’s career involves conversations with criminals…
From White House campaigns to psychic claims, hear about Julia’s incredible career change
From TV heartthrob to Doting Dad, Matty J is hardworking, hilarious and humble all in one.
From journo to jewellery, Talitha Cummins reveals how she made The Cut… quite literally
From PR pitches and banking benchmarks, to springing into action with BOUNCE…
Paula Joye…A fashion icon, editor extraordinaire, and the authority on all things skincare
From media to mending, Antonia switched a life of headlines to help families heal.
From numbers to narratives, hear why Dimity Brussel left finance to craft ‘A Lasting Tale’
From soaring through skies to navigating minds, Dr. Rebecca Ray traded wings for words…
Acclaimed Aussie actor and author Bryan Brown is a storytelling sensation on and off screen.
From working in her garage, to running a multi million-dollar empire… Hear how Jane did it
From the ‘high-life’ of Accounting, to discovering deeper meaning in Meditating…
How did chucking a ‘sickie’ from work change the course of Mark’s life? Listen to find out.
Tanya Hennessey… a creator, comedian and future recipient of the ‘The Oscar For Everything’
From life as a scrubbed-up RN, to deciding decor, picking paints and finessing the floorplan
From the aromas of the candle factory, to astrological readings and intuitive healing…