Son Of

July 2022

S1 Ep1

10 x
After 17 years on the run, Franck Pistone, a legendary robber, returns to Brussels to see his child again, but the reunion does not go as planned.

S1 Ep3

7 x
When Camille arrives at the Lupanaria, he goes to join his sister Sarah and questions her about Frank. Isaak and the Dutchman attempt to recover the precious stones which belonged to their father.

S1 Ep4

4 x
Camille tries to save Sarah's skin by finding a so-called second cache of diamonds.

S1 Ep5

4 x
In Bando, Marcus is shot by Isaak; for his part, Adam narrowly escapes an ambush set by the Dutchman's men.

S1 Ep6

2 x
As the Dutchman tries to protect Sarah, she must also face threats from her boss, Kremers, the godfather of the Dutch mafia.

S1 Ep7

10 x
Camille must manage to organise Adam's meeting with Kremers; Sarah meets her grandfather who also seems to be hiding secrets about her.

S1 Ep8

9 x
After an apocalyptic night, Franck's children must decide their future; Sarah learns a bombshell about her past.