Spooks catch up

October 2020

S10 Ep6

4.5 42 x
As the man responsible for the kidnapping of their deputy-director, Harry is handed over to the CIA, ready for deportation to the US. However, when fresh evidence surfaces that there are darker forces at work, his loyal team break Harry out of his enforced custody. Harry's suspicions now lead him to another of his former C...

S4 Ep10

3.0 11 x
On the eve of her stepbrother's suicide, Ruth is visited by his partner Angela, an ex-MI5 officer, who asks Ruth for help in proving that MI5 killed Lady Diana. When Ruth refuses to help her, Angela decides to take matters into her own hands, visiting the Grid with a deadly proposition.

S4 Ep7

3.0 46 x
Fiona goes undercover as a PR executive in order to rendezvous with the Syrian Foreign Minister, Riyad Barzali, who has indicated he wants contact with MI-5, but can't shake the constant surveillance of his secret service.

S4 Ep8

4.0 19 x
After the death of Fiona, Adam is tasked with the investigation of Oleg Korsakov, a multi-millionaire Russian investor, who the government see as the saviour of the NHS. Is his offer of financial intervention too good to be true?

S4 Ep9

3.0 18 x
As Britain teeters on the brink of war with Iran, Harry prevents an unofficial extradition of a terrorism suspect by the CIA, thinking he poses no serious threat to national security. When the freed suspect kills two MI5 officers, however, Juliet holds Harry responsible and immediately dismisses him. With the freed suspect...

S5 Ep1

3.0 9 x
As the country is plunged into chaos by a series of terrorist attacks, MI5 face the possibility that the country may be under siege by sinister forces from within.

S5 Ep2

4.0 6 x
The attempt by influential businessmen and politicians to take control of the government continues, as the coup plotters up the stakes in their battle with MI5.
February 2016

Episode 10

4.0 476 x
Danny and Fiona, whilst performing a routine bugging operation on a house, are taken hostage.

Episode 9

3.0 363 x
A known mercenary is seen visiting a top secret disused Soviet arms dump.
January 2016

Season 3 Episode 5

Expired 3.0 215 x
Zoe and Danny follow a rogue scientist who's potentially involved in biochemical warfare. And Zoe's relationship with Will seems to be going from strength to strength.