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Spooky Files

The Crew have one day to open the portal, send the Spookies home, and make it to Ed and Jane's wedding... but chaos ensues when a familiar face turns up uninvited!

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Season 1
Xena tries to figure out how to send the Spookies home, while the Crew face off with a Bone Chilling Spooky - and Robina gets closer and closer to discovering their secret.
It's Bert's 11th birthday but he wants to stay 10 forever, and the Spooky Crew have to contend with a Faceless Spooky who freezes people in time!
Billie fights through the horror of her first crush when a Spooky fart-plague hits Sunny Valley, and Xena makes a discovery about the Spookies' origin.
The Spooky Crew and their parents gather for a dinner party at Xena's, but an uninvited Spooky traps them inside with the Queen of Snoop, Robina.
The Spooky Crew investigate a series of mysterious disappearances at school camp, but Robina notices their secretive behaviour.
When the Crew find a Spooky whose fairy dust makes you blurt out the truth, they scramble to keep their growing menagerie secret. Meanwhile, Jane and Ed have big news for the future of their instant family...
The Spooky Crew find a Clown Face Spooky at the Sunny Valley Fete and must capture it before it reduces everyone to giggles - but the new Spooky Crew recruit, Billie, is terrified of clowns!
When the students of Sunny Valley Primary act strangely during a STEM competition, Bert is torn between investigating a potential Spooky and helping his new step-sis, Billie, win Eggvention.
When the first Spooky appears in the sleepy Australian town of Sunny Valley, it's up to 10-year-old Spookyphile Bert, his inventive best friend Xena, and his new step-sis Billie, to catch it.