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Sri Lanka With Alexander Armstrong

Alexander meets a snake expert called Sampath who is always on call to rescue the deadly but endangered reptiles. After a meeting with a well-known Sri Lankan travel writer, Shenelle, at the beautiful coast near Galle, he drives to the far north of the country to the scene of a ...

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Season 1
In the second installment of his Sri Lankan adventure, Alexander Armstrong kickstarts things with a train ride heading deep into tea country. He travels to Kandy where he dives deep into Sri Lanka's ancient traditional medicine: Ayurveda. That evening, Xander meets the legendary Kandy resident Helga Blow at her outlandish ...
Presenter Alexander Armstrong sets out on a journey to the paradise isle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. His first port of call is the Portuguese-built fortress town of Galle. Alexander's love of classical music leads him to investigate the life of a Choon Pan Man. Then he finds out more about captive elephants in Sri Lank...