Stephen Fry In Central America

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In Costa Rica, Stephen visits the selva, meeting 4 million leaf cutter ants, poison dart frogs and the world's smallest bat. Ascending volcanoes, descending rivers and the passion of football in San Jose. (Final)
Stephen visits two of Central America's most dangerous countries El Salvador and Honduras, and one of the 'safest' Nicaragua. He surfs, tastes a new breed of bananas, engages with revolutionaries and dances the Maypole.
Stephen Fry visits Belize, meeting injured manatees, a reformed drug addict and the Garifuna people. He heads to Guatemala, learns to weave and talks to an ex Miss Guatemala. In Antigua he picks coffee.
Stephen Fry explores Mexico - from cowboys and canyons, to donkey fiestas and great Aztec cities. He also takes part in a soap opera and is entranced by the courage of the Acapulco cliff divers. (Part 1 of 4)