Still A Mystery

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Still A Mystery

After struggles in their youth, two people set out on new paths with renewed hope but then the unthinkable happens.

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Season 5
They are the victims of shootings that seem senseless. Who would want them dead? Did these two young people get tangled up with the wrong crowds?
They head out into the night, full of youthful life and promise, but they never come back. Clues that come from behind bars may help solve the mysteries.
With disturbing evidence, terrifying theories, and demands for justice, police aim to solve the mystery of how two young partygoers are murdered.
Two young women who dream of big success as television anchors are just embarking on their careers when their plans come to a violent end.
They are head over heels in love with their whole lives ahead still ahead of them, but then they die suddenly under suspicious circumstances.
Two young women are just beginning to plan their weddings when their dreams are tragically cut short. Desperate calls made to 911 may reveal the truth about their shocking deaths.
The murders of a teenage boy who never returns home from school and a teenage girl who is ambushed as she sits in a car with friends devastate their communities.
When two young women vanish without a trace, investigators are haunted by the things they leave behind -- a car with the keys still in the ignition, a pair of shoes, and a coat.
A young Hollywood celebrity is out celebrating her birthday, and another young woman enjoys a late drink with friends. Just a few hours later, they both end up dead.