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Dr. Crawford needs to remove a barbed nail embedded deeply in the forearm of a patient. Dr. Mellick must extract an unexpected item from an eye - the heel of a stiletto!

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Season 1
A pregnant Kayla is rushed to the ER for abdominal pain, but what Dr. Crawford finds is shocking. An entire bike brake is embedded in Jasmine's thigh after an accident.
Brittany lands in the ER after losing a sex toy in her rectum. Buddy sees a Doctor with a bug in his ear. A pre-teen is brought into the ER, after getting impaled by a splinter.
It's the evening of Joy and Kurt's important dinner, and Dan and Carla have drifted further apart than ever. Ex-girlfriend Maya is getting closer to Carla - is Dan too absorbed in his own crisis to notice?
As Dan struggles to find work and Carla struggles to contain Joy's anxiety, the cracks in their relationship are getting hard to ignore.
Dan is feeling insecure about his body and heads out on a shopping spree. But his anxiety isn't helped when Carla runs into an old flame, and brings her home to reminisce.
Dan struggles to focus on finding work and instead finds himself distracted by the young waiter at his local cafe. Meanwhile, Joy is off-loading her emotional and physical baggage on Carla.
Dan and Carla are a couple at a cross-roads. Carla wonders if the two of them trapped in a pokey flat is all she can expect from life, while Dan has been called in by his boss for a chat about his relevance.