Studio 10

May 2022

31 May 2022

3.0 9 x
She's back! Ding Dong makes an epic return to Studio 10! Plus, Tristan's territory tour rolls on, and all the latest news from Australia and beyond.

30 May 2022

4.0 5 x
An Irishman, a croc, and a whole lot of fun.Tristan is live from the Northern Territory all week. Plus, legendary magicians Penn and Teller are here to blow your mind.

27 May 2022

4.0 11 x
From only being able to move her big toe, see how far Kiera's brave battle has taken her. Plus, the Aussie dad's invention that really shreds, and Khanh is in the kitchen! Today on Studio 10.

26 May 2022

3.0 13 x
Chart-topper Kenny Loggins is 74 and still striking all the right chords. Meet the man behind the mega-hits on Studio 10!

25 May 2022

3.0 9 x
Ding Dong and Craig are back on Studio 10 with another zany adventure! Plus Elsa Pataky's true grit, and all the latest news headlines from home and abroad.

24 May 2022

4.0 13 x
This morning we go behind the crown and inside the astonishing life of our longest reigning monarch, with details from those who know her best. Plus, your astrology predictions for the year ahead.

23 May 2022

3.0 8 x
Feel the need for speed as Top Gun takes flight, and the cast spill on Maverick's thrilling return and set secrets. Plus, Maggie Beer returns to Studio 10.

20 May 2022

3.0 15 x
It's your feel good Friday! Meet the family spreading love around the globe. Plus, Hans is back for your final election wrap up. And Hanson are live!

19 May 2022

4.0 10 x
From Hollywood to hell and back... Eric Roberts tells all. Booze, drugs and the woman that saved him. Plus, Kate Langbroek is live on Studio 10!

17 May 2022

3.0 7 x
On Studio 10 today, we meet the woman embracing her facial hair and find out why she's more confident than ever thanks to her beard. Then, Nat Bass, and, wave queens Layne Beachley and Steph Gilmore!