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The Noobs are used as decoys and taken to the Virus homeworld by Venamus.

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Season 1
After an explosion the Noobs battleballs powers get swapped, they will have to learn how to use the each other powers to defeat the virus.
The Supernoobs face off against a beast that they believe to be infected with a mutated strain of the virus that their extractors cannot destroy.
Tyler has been selling video footage of the Supernoobs battles to a tabloid TV show. He accidentally sends some footage of them without their disguise!
Count Venamus uses a device to make himself 12 in hopes of learning what makes a 12 year old tick to find a way to defeat the Supernoobs.
The mad science teacher is back and this time has modified the virus for his own twisted plans.
A dog from the neighbourhood wreaks havoc on the Noobs. Can anything tame this wild beast?
Once again the Noobs go through a series of challenges to determine who has the superior powers, this time Mem and Zen also join in the competition.
The Benevolent Alliance elders come to earth to inspect the Nobbs battleballs. The Noobs discover all their surprise inspections are just to come have fun on earth.
Mem and Zen get word that there is a new Cyber virus on the loose and warn the Noobs to avoid all Earth electronics.
The Roach's parents are upset that he keeps getting in trouble at school. The Noobs try to keep him on track but he keeps taking the blame for their mistakes.
Wanting to be more like the superheroes on TV, the Noobs beg Mem and Zen to build them each their own fortress of solitudes.
Incredibly Amazing Man, a superhero from another planet, arrives on Earth stepping into the limelight as the real hero in town.
The Noobs battle an infected bird but forget to change into their super suits before revealing their powers and are recorded by 3 little girls called the Emmas.
The creators warn Count Venamus that if he does not return with the Supernoobs to not come back at all.
During an unsuccessful attempt at training, everyone gets rollercoasters on the brain so off to the local amusement park they go.
When the creators give Count Venamus an unflattering review, he realises that that in order to defeat the Noobs he must first defeat the Roach.
Cornbury Middle school is closed for a snow day! Mem and Zen panic at their first experience with snow and send a distress call to the Noobs.
Mr Wertz returns to school with evil intentions to put the entire town under the spell of mind control goggles.
While watching TV on the Galaticus without Mem and Zen's permission the Noobs end up pressing the wrong button which orders a planet extermination drone.