Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Full episodes

Season 27 Episode 10

2.0 202 x
One of the remaining castaways may be forced to make a difficult choice to advance in the game.

Swoop In For The Kill - Season 27

3.0 62 x
One survivor distances himself from his tribe mates. A group of castaways plot to possibly blindside one of their tribal leaders.

One-Man Wrecking Ball - Season 27

3.0 40 x
Castaways learn if blood is truly thicker than water as a tribal switch happens and new alliances form.

The Dead Can Still Talk - Season 27

3.0 48 x
One castaway looks to consolidate what he believes is his growing power in the game. Another castaway may sacrifice their chance at winning to save their loved one.

One Armed Dude And Three Moms - Season 27

3.0 47 x
Fast tracked from the US, this program features castaways from the shows previous seasons. But this time each former player will be competing against their loved ones. Will the players choose to help or hinder their loved ones?

Opening Pandora's Box - Season 27

3.0 45 x
Simmering family rivalries come to the forefront during an intense tribal challenge. One castaway's decision on what to do for the rest of the game has a tremendous impact on the remaining contestants.

Rule In Chaos - Season 27

3.0 53 x
The first duel is held at Redemption Island with the participants trying to do well enough to stay in the game. Despite earlier declarations, one tribe member reverts back to the attitude and form seen in the past.
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