Swift Street

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Swift Street

Elsie and Robert finally make the money to pay off the debt, but a last-minute change of heart from Robert leaves him in more peril than ever before.

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Season 1
Elsie is kidnapped by thug debt collector Johnny, when Robert heads out to collect on the car insurance scam.
Elsie and Robert's partnership is tested as they hedge their bets on a risky car insurance fraud.
Feeling the heat and with the promise of a big payout, Elsie attempts a daring high-tech heist to steal expensive smartwatches.
Elsie and Robert hatch a plan to pose as real estate agents leasing houses to wealthy renters.
Elsie seeks out her estranged mother Moreblessing for help, while Robert worries Elsie might abandon him.
Elsie gets to work trying to bring in some passive income, but Robert has his own ideas on how to make fast cash, which risks getting them thrown in jail.
21-year-old street smart hustler, Elsie Masalla, agrees to help her charming but hopeless father Robert pay back a bad debt, entering the crosshairs of a local crime boss.