Tabatha's Salon Takeover


Episode 1 (Orbit)

4.0 372 x
Eddie Cheung is $700,000 in debt, but he treats his business more like a garbage dump than a hair salon. If Tabatha doesn't do something fast his salon will be out of business.

Episode 7 (bQute Salon)

3.0 166 x
Shannon and Frank Peters are newlyweds and new business partners in the multi-cultural salon they opened together. But their salon is already struggling and their marriage is cracking under the stress of trying to save it.
Episodes 2017

Episode 1 (Ten Salon, Long Beach, CA)

4.0 148 x
Tabatha will need to deal with a staff that has lost their passion under the oppression of a strict rule handbook and an absurd salon design that hides itself from the outside world. The clock is ticking as Tabatha races to save both the business and the marriage of salon owners, Chris and Kwanna.