July 2018

Season 1 Episode 1

3.0 21 x
Set in 1814, this dark and gritty period drama stars Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road) as James Keziah Delaney, a man who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed. Believed to be long dead, he returns home to London from Africa to inherit what is left of his father's shipping empire and rebuild a l...

Season 1 Episode 2

4.0 12 x
James begins to enlist allies in unlikely places and with irregular loyalties. At the reading of his father’s will, an unexpected arrival threatens to disrupt his plans, and it’s not long before the poisonous nature of his newfound inheritance is finally revealed. Not only must he face down two of the mightiest powers in L...

Season 1 Episode 3

3.0 13 x
James Delaney finds himself alone with the mysterious Dr. Dumbarton, discovering an unlikely new ally. With enemies lurking in every corner, James decides only radical action and perilous affiliations will be able to safeguard him from those intent on his demise. As he works to prevent further attempts on his life, James r...

Season 1 Episode 4

3.0 14 x
The Crown makes a devious move against James Delaney, while the Company has its own reasons for frustrating the plot. As London begins closing its doors to him, James sets out to protect his business by any means necessary. With empire and mayhem in mind, James adds Cholmondely, a depraved Chemist, to his company with expl...

Season 1 Episode 5

4.0 9 x
After a duel at dawn takes a surprising turn, James Delaney is blackmailed into a dangerous mission that finds him in a deadly race against time. Elsewhere, Thorne’s jealousy intensifies into a vicious and spiritual realm, whilst animosity between the Crown and Company escalates to a new level.

Season 1 Episode 6

4.0 12 x
As James Delaney’s trading plans start to unravel, a family revelation drives him into dark and haunted places, both real and emotional. Those around him, his household and family included, seem to be spiraling out of control, with terrible prices being paid. Meanwhile, at the East India Company, a frustrated Sir Stuart St...

Season 1 Episode 7

4.0 21 x
James Delaney has seemingly lost everything, but when he suffers a devastating betrayal, he realises even his freedom is in jeopardy. Armed with the opportunity they have been longing for, the Crown and Company conspire to bring him down once and for all. Elsewhere, Lorna sets out to discover the truth, whilst Zilpha perha...

Season 1 Episode 8

3.0 12 x
It is the time of final reckoning. James Delaney confronts Sir Stuart Strange of the East India Company with the cold hard truth. Revelations about those surrounding him are unearthed and met with deadly ramifications. Meanwhile, James conspires to escape, but as the cold enmity of the Prince Regent turns into a lethal fur...