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The press seizes on Max's involvement in the car accident, compromising Tim. Nat finds herself in a position to make some money from the growing controversy.

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Season 1
Tim is politically compromised when details of Vince's shady dealings come to light. With his marriage on the line, Vince struggles to manage his family.
Confronted with a hospital crisis, Gabriel contacts Tim, who plays political hardball to secure more emergency funding.
In shock after Mahady's suicide, Tim goes out for a boozy, flirty night with Nat, devastating Christine.
Vince is seized with jealousy when Ally confesses she kissed a guy on her night out with Nat.
Tim's loyalty is tested when he is tapped to become health minister, but only if he deposes his mentor Pat Mahady.
Ally questions Em's presence on the ski trip and Vince shrewdly lies, convincing her that Em is actually Gabriel's girlfriend.
Vince stuns Gabriel when he invites his mistress Em on their skiing trip, but Vince's cocky assurance unravels when Em is injured and he must call on Gabriel to cover for him.
When Vince's best friend Gabriel returns to stay, his long-standing attraction to Vince's wife Ally is recognized by all, except her.
The arrival of Nat Manning creates ripples, as the audacious minor celebrity returned home to reconnect with her teenage son she had with rising politician.