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Season 4
The mating song between a White cheeked gibbon pair was a joy to hear, but when Taronga's female gibbon, Nellie died six months ago, the male, Kayak went silent.
After a 16-month gestation, Kufara the 13-year-old Black Rhino has gone into labour with her second calf.
Taronga's free flight bird experience is a favourite with visitors, but it can take months of training to ensure the birds are happy to take part and don't fly away.
It's an emotional farewell as the Taronga marine keepers wave goodbye to 5-year-old Australian Sea Lion, 'Moby'.
Masego the wild dog needs surgery on a worrying lump on her chest. Her keepers worried about what the vets may find, but also whether the pack will reject Masego when she returns.
A mystery lump on Ras the camel's ear has everyone stumped, so its time to investigate. But sedating a camel weighing half a tonne is not the simplest procedure to undertake.
He may live on an idyllic island habitat, but life isn't always easy for Vampeer the lone male squirrel monkey.
Hala is finding it increasingly hard to get up in the morning, so time for a health check to find out what's going on.
Lwasi the male lion has left brother Ato, lioness Maya and their 5 cubs behind at Taronga Sydney and moved to Western Plains Zoo to start a family of his own.
In one of the biggest vet procedures ever performed at Taronga Zoo nearly 30 staff and specialists are involved in the risky sedation of their 5 1/2 metre tall giraffe Jimiyu.
Season 3
Zoo staff undertake the painstaking process of x-raying their much-loved Asian Elephant, Tang Mo's feet. One wrong step, could destroy some seriously expensive medical equipment.
It's well-known that what goes in, must come out, and Taronga's keepers and scientists depend on the valuable information that can be learned through a humble pile of animal poop.
Zoo Keeper Paul is one of the very few keepers employed across all divisions, and his work takes him from the most exotic animals in the world, to some of his favourite locals.
Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Hospital is in a flap, as three injured birds suddenly arrive. Senior Vet Larry is particularly worried about a Barn Owl that has serious head injuries.
At Taronga Western Plains Zoo, a dedicated team spends days preparing the meals for the thousands of animals in their care.
Season 3, Episode 5 - Pygmy Hippo of Taronga: Who's Who In The Zoo was broadcast by Channel 9 on Friday 18 November 2022 at 8:30.
The long wait is almost over. Keepers finally discover the sex of their five precious lion cubs. But having their first health check is a walk in the park, compared to meeting dad.
Enrichment of animals and the sustainable use of resources come together, as Taronga Zoo aims to reduce, reuse, and recycle their way to net zero.
Taronga's entire hospital staff is put to the test, as two Western Lowland Gorillas are brought to the hospital. The pressure is on, as things don't exactly go to plan.
A historic moment for Taronga as Lioness Maya, gives birth. It's Sydney's first lion cub birth in nearly 20 years and it's the gift that just keeps on giving.