Taronga: Who's Who In The Zoo

June 2020

Episode 10 (Mr Hobbs)

4.0 10 x
On this episode, vets have to perform emergency surgery on a Tree Goanna, after a member of the public brought it into the wildlife hospital with a particularly unusual injury.

Episode 9 (Fishing Cat)

4.0 7 x
In this episode, a mysterious virus threatens to wipe out an entire species of snapping turtles; An injured fiordland crested penguin arrives from Melbourne Zoo, but will it settle in and call Taronga home?
May 2020

Episode 8 (Giraffe Move)

4.0 14 x
On this episode, keepers prepare to move their 3 giraffes to a brand-new enclosure. But the entire move is put on hold, as Taronga staff are shocked by the rapid decline of Nyota, one of the zoo's favourite giraffes.

Episode 7 (3 Chimps)

4.0 13 x
On this episode, vets and keepers work together as they attempt a procedure that is rarely done at Taronga, putting three chimpanzees on the hospital operating table on the same day; Taronga staff teach a badly injured owl how to fly again.
March 2020

Episode 6 (Nala)

3.0 16 x
Introducing the beautiful Nala, an Australian Sea-Lion born at Taronga 10 years ago. Taronga is part of a regional breeding program for the Australian Sea-Lion, an endangered species that is declining in the wild.

Episode 5 (Waru)

4.0 11 x
Join us at Taronga Zoo in Sydney for a new documentary series narrated by Naomi Watts. The series provides a look behind the scenes at what it takes to run one of the world's most famous and magnificent zoos.
February 2020

Episode 3 (Platypus)

3.0 16 x
Taronga attempts to create history by successfully exporting two platypuses to America; Taronga staff treat a sick Funnel Web, the world's most venomous spider; Will keepers find any eggs in the nests of their little penguins?

Episode 2 (Koala Rescue)

3.0 35 x
As the largest bushfires on record devastate the country, Taronga Zoo vets take the battle to save Australian Native Wildlife to the frontline.

Episode 1 (Kibali)

3.0 31 x
On this episode, for the first time in ten years Taronga vets get up close to a silverback gorilla and try to save an injured Albatross, the world's largest sea bird, after it is battered on rocks in a violent storm.