Test Your Brain

December 2014

S1 Ep3 - You Won't Believe Your Eyes

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes - This final episode looks at how our eyes and ears are constantly creating an illusion of what the world is really like. Filmed at a studio in Hollywood, the experts, along with the artists of the entertainment industry,...

S1 Ep2 - Memory

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Memory - More than any other function of the brain, memories define who you are as a unique individual. But when it comes to memory, things are not always as they seem - details go missing, recollections change, and it turns out that the brain actua...

S1 Ep1 - Pay Attention

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Pay Attention - This engaging three-part series sizes up the human brain with an intricate succession of interactive experiments to see how easily the brain can be fooled. The first episode on 'attention' is shot in the attention-demanding city of L...