The AFN Fishing Show

Season 11

Season 11, Episode 17 - Salty Scroll Sum Up

4.0 1 x
Nige & Nicko take us through some of the highlights in their bucket list challenge of catching 30 species in 30 days on the road.

Season 11, Episode 16 - Cooktown

3.0 1 x
It's the last leg of a two-month mission chasing 30 species on a bucket list. Nige & Nicko work from the west to the east coast of Cape York and everything, from Sailies to Archer Fish is fair game.

Season 11, Episode 15 - West Coast Cape York

3.0 0 x
Nige & Nicko head to the west coast of the Cape York Peninsular to scratch some of the final species from their Salty Scrolls bucket list. The terrain is tough and the challenge becomes equally so.

Season 11, Episode 14 - Dam Barra & Sooty Grunter

4.0 12 x
The next fish on Nige & Nicko's list is a 1m Barramundi. Only problem is, the barra season is closed. And plan B means heading to the fresh where the big fish can be really hard to catch.

Season 11, Episode 12 - Fishing Show by AFN, The S11 Ep: 12

3.0 7 x
This adventure starts in Tropical North QLD where Nige & Nicko have to try and catch a Mangrove Jack offshore. This is way out of their comfort zone.

Season 11, Episode 11 - Wujal, Reef Flats & Nannygai

4.0 8 x
Today the mission takes us to the reef in tropical north Queensland in search of Nicko's favourite: the Large-Mouthed Nannygai.

Season 11, Episode 10 - Jungle Perch, Daintree & Reef Flats

4.0 8 x
Nige & Nicko commence leg four of their salty scroll mission to catch 30 species in eight weeks on the road. This week they hit the jungle searching for an elusive target.

Season 11, Episode 9 - Rockhampton

4.0 6 x
Nige & Nicko continue their '30 species in 60 days' challenge. There's still plenty of fish and crustaceans to tick off and Rockhampton offers plenty but they'll need some good luck and good weather.

Season 11, Episode 8 - Fishing Show by AFN, The S11 Ep: 8

3.0 13 x
Continuing their quest to catch 30 species in 60 days on the road, Nige & Nicko head to the Bundaberg region and the weather is far from ideal, making this a tough challenge from the get-go.

Season 11, Episode 7 - Sunny Coast

3.0 11 x
It's the start of a new season of adventure. Nige and Nicko are challenged to catch 30 bucket list species in just 60 days on the road. This episode begins their quest in Southern Queensland.