The Alaska Triangle

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The Alaska Triangle

Hostile Sasquatches leave the wilderness behind for Alaska's major cities; a paranormal investigator searches for evidence of ghosts at an infamous haunted hotel.

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Season 2
The Alaskan skies are filled with lights and objects, but evidence suggests these extraterrestrial visitors are landing; prehistoric monsters may be alive in the Alaska Triangle.
A team of ghost hunters reaches out to the dead in an abandoned gold mine; numerous sightings suggest a fearsome yeti inhabits the frozen landscape of the Alaskan mountains.
A fairground on the city limits of Fairbanks is rumoured to be home to a dark spirit. Ghost hunters try to contact this powerful poltergeist.
A ghost hunter seeks out spirits from the gold rush in Skagway, Alaska; tiny demonic creatures may be behind thousands of strange disappearances in the Alaska Triangle.
A sonar recording may prove that a monster stalks the seas around Kodiak Island; researchers investigate why aeroplanes have disappeared without a trace in the Alaska Triangle.
A Sasquatch colony terrorizes the residents of remote Prince of Wales Island; decades of UFO sightings lead many to believe that aliens are working with the US military.
A top-secret government facility beneath the Alaskan wilderness may be hiding an extraterrestrial pyramid; forces within the Alaska Triangle are making wildlife more aggressive.