The Art Of France

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Season 1
This final episode of Andrew Graham-Dixon's latest series The Art of France begins with the Impressionists. Andrew plunges into one of the most wildly creative periods in the history of art, when France was changing at a rapid pace and angry young artists would re-invent how to paint, finding their muses in the bars, broth...
Andrew Graham-Dixon explores how art in France took a dramatic turn following the French Revolution that ushered in a bold new world. From the execution of King Louis XVI and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte - a figure who simultaneously repelled and inspired artists of his time - through to the rise of Romanticism and an ar...
Art historian and critic Andrew Graham-Dixon opens his latest series with the dramatic story of French art - a story of the most powerful Kings ever to rule in Europe with their glittering palaces and astounding art to go in them! He also reveals how art emerged from a struggle between tradition and revolution, between rul...