The Bachelor Australia

Season 11

Season 11, Episode 12

11 x
Tonight, in The Bachelors' Finale, the three bachelors have made their decision, and while love is found, some are sadly left heartbroken.

Season 11, Episode 11

5 x
Tonight, in a Bachelor first, The Bachelor's own family, the women and their loved ones will all be meeting under the same roof.

Season 11, Episode 10

12 x
In the final group date, professional match maker Trudy Gilbert is here to shine a light on aspects of the relationship she sees that our Bachelor's might have been blind to.

Season 11, Episode 9

13 x
Tonight, Wes has some big news - so big that he is in tears when he arrives at the mansion to speak with the ladies. When he composes himself, Wes drops an absolute bombshell.

Season 11, Episode 8

13 x
All the girls head to the group date, an intimacy workshop. Everyone completes a series of challenging exercises designed to deepen their affection and bond.

Season 11, Episode 7

16 x
The Bachelors take the women to a truffle farm for a luxurious group lunch date, until the Flowergate fallout situation rears its head again.

Season 11, Episode 6

5 x
Tonight, the girls have some time at the nail salon, where they discuss intimacy. Meanwhile, at golf, Wesley drops a bombshell to the boys.

Season 11, Episode 5

10 x
As the single dates continue, Ben, Luke and Wes are keen to explore their newfound connections. Then, it's time for the group date where they head to a Spa, to relax and have fun.

Season 11, Episode 4

11 x
Tonight, one bachelorette finds herself in a love triangle, she needs to let both bachelor's know where she stands, pursuing a potentially relationship with one and leaving the other guttered.

Season 11, Episode 3

12 x
Get ready for a tennis group date, where one bachelorette's future goals don't align with Bachelor Ben's, causing a massive roadblock for a potential relationship to form.

Season 11, Episode 2

6 x
It's the next day after the opening ball, and it's the first opportunity The Bachelors have to invite the girls on single and group dates. Who will be lucky enough to get picked"

Season 11, Episode 1

26 x
At a beautiful 'Bridgerton' style mansion in Melbourne, our three new Bachelors Luke, Ben and Wes arrive with hopes of finding love, and one Bachelorette is quick to catch all three of their eyes!
Season 10

Season 10, Episode 12

192 x
Jed, Felix and Thomas have decided who they want to face their happily ever after with.Three Bachelors, three engagement rings, two proposals. Settle in, it's going to be a night to remember.

Season 10, Episode 11

91 x
With the finale looming, the possibility of a proposal becomes very real for the bachelors and their remaining bachelorettes as they ultimately question if they have met The One.

Season 10, Episode 10

45 x
It's the final single dates. All three bachelor's still have a lot of questions they need answered before they can commit to taking a girl to the finale.

Season 10, Episode 9

50 x
The Bachelors are reminded we are near the end and they all reveal real feelings are developing rapidly. Each Bachelor will go on a single date and explore those connections further.

Season 10, Episode 8

106 x
Tash is back and Jed has a big decision to make. Is Tash the one that got away, or someone best left in the past? Thomas and Felix are concerned about the negative impact Tash's re-entry could have.

Season 10, Episode 7

107 x
This episode pickups directly after the rose ceremony from the previous episode. Before Felix can say hello to half of his group, Tilly whisks Felix away for a private chat.

Season 10, Episode 6

57 x
Osher arrives to deliver the news that the boys have each invited three girls to a very special group date, where a loved one will be joining them at The Cali Beach Club.

Season 10, Episode 5

81 x
Hold on to your hair extensions because a storm is brewing at the mansion! Following an eventful rose ceremony the night before, there is tension amongst the girls and 3 make a dramatic exit.

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The Bachelor Australia, also referred to as simply The Bachelor, is an Australian reality dating program for television based on the world famous American show with the same name. This is an elimination-based show revolving around one Bachelor and a group of bachelorettes who compete to be the Bachelor's choice at the end of each season.

By going on dates with the candidates, in group at first and later one-on-one, the Bachelor will eventually need to make a choice and decide whether or not he likes one of the bachelorettes enough to take their relationship to the next level. Once there are four women left, the Bachelor will visit their home towns with them where he meets their families. The last two women get to meet the Bachelor's family, and he will choose the winner soon after that, which usually results in a proposal.

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The Bachelor Australia's first season aired for in September of 2013 on the Ten Network. It was produced by the company Shine Australia, as would the following two seasons be, but production was taken over by Warner Bros. International Television Production from the fourth season onwards. Up until today though, the network for The Bachelor Australia is still Ten, and you can find all past episodes on

Of the four seasons of the Bachelor Australia that have aired and finished so far, three of the bachelors are currently either engaged, married or expecting a child with the bachelorette they finally chose to date after their run on the show. If you want to look back on past seasons and see how these happy relationships came to be, all you need to do is visit, go to the page of The Bachelor Australia, and look for the episodes you want to see. It really is as simple as that.

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