The Biggest Loser

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 3 - Get Moving, Pt. 1

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A pop challenge forces the losing team to live like kids for the week. They must spend 4 hours a day locked in a room full of temptations.

Season 14, Episode 2 - Biggest Loser is Back, Pt. 2, The

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The first step to losing weight is to get moving. This week the contestants do just that in the Trainers' brand new workout arenas. The kid ambassadors are put through the Biggest Loser fitness test.

Season 14, Episode 1 - Biggest Loser is Back, Pt. 1, The

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It's The Biggest Loser Season 14 premiere! This season we are Challenging America to tackle childhood obesity. World-class trainer Jillian Michaels returns to help Bob and Dolvett whip 18 into shape.